6. MANGROOMER Ultimate Back Shaver 

MANGROOMER Ultimate Back Shaver Get it now on Amazon.com

The Pro back shaver has a patented design that helps you reach all your back areas without hurting yourself. Our shaver has an added power burst button that helps you shave through thick and coarse hair. It is powered by a powerful battery with an estimated life of 3 to 4 years. 

It has 2 interchangeable shaving heads; a 1.8-inch groomer blade is ideal for shaving large areas and longer hair, while the other head is suitable for regular maintenance. The shaver has flex necks on attachment heads, where they follow the contours of your back for precise contact, giving you a comfortable shave. This back shaver has a rubberized handle that locks in position at any length you choose. 

In addition, it has a push-lock button that helps you lock the back shaver at any angle you want. 

  • It has a quick-charging battery with an indicator 
  • Features a patented design that gives you simple reach 
  • Has a power burst button for shaving thick hair 
  • Equipped with 2 interchangeable shaving heads 
  • It has flex necks on the attachment heads 
  • Features a rubberized handle that gives simple reach 
  • Boasts a push-lock button for user comfort. 


PLATINUM PRO by MANGROOMER – Back Shaver Get it now on Amazon.com

It is an advanced back shaver with a sturdy storage case that allows you to carry the back shaver when going for trips. The shaver has different attachment heads suited for shaving coarse hair, regular maintenance, or shaving extra-thick hair. You will find that it has multifunctional flex necks included on all the attachment heads so that they can follow your back contours for shaving comfort. 

This back shaver features a handle with a rubber coating for gripping, and the handle locks into any length to give you maximum reach. It has a durable lithium battery that charges fast, and it can keep the charge for long. The battery has an indicator that shows you the battery status, and it has a power burst button that helps you shave coarse and thick hair.

  • Comes with a sturdy storage case for simple carrying 
  • It 3 attachment heads that make shaving simple
  • Features multifunctional flex necks 
  • Equipped with a comfortable and adjustable handle 
  • Boasts a lithium battery that offers reliable power 
  • It has a power burst button that is suitable for extra thick and long hair
  • Has a 1.8 blade head for shaving muscular areas
  • 2.7” wide blade head is suitable for large areas. 

4. MANGROOMER Electric Back Hair Shaver 

MANGROOMER Electric Back Hair Shaver Get it now on Amazon.com

This is the most advanced back shaver you will find in the market, and it will give you the best back shaving experience. The shaver has a 2.7-inch-wide blade that helps you shave large areas and long hairs easily. Furthermore, you will find another bi-directional head that is suited for regular maintenance. 

Our shaver boasts shock-absorbing flex necks on the attachment heads that contours to your back contours to give you a safe and comfortable shave. It has a lithium battery that lasts 5x more than a standard battery, and it recharges very fast. The battery has an indicator that makes your operation simple, and the power burst button helps you shave through coarse and thick hair. 

Moreover, our back hair shaver boasts an extendable rubberized handle that locks perfectly in position at any length to give you maximum comfort when using it. 


3. Philips Norelco Body Hair Trimmer with Back Shaver

Philips Norelco Body Hair Trimmer with Back Shaver Get it now on Amazon.com

It is equipped with blades that are designed to be comfortable and more efficient in shaving your back. The blades have rounded tips that offer smooth contact with your skin, and you can shave or trim in any direction without feeling any pain. 

It has a showerproof design with a comfortable rubber grip that provides better shaving control when your back is wet. The shaver is hassle-free to clean and maintain by running the bladed cartridge under water to achieve a quick rinse. Moreover, our model is powered by a lithium-ion battery that can give you up to 1 hour of operation on a full charge. 


2. baKblade 1.0 – Back Hair Shaver 

baKblade 2.0 PLUS – Back Shaver Get it now on Amazon.com

Among the back shavers in the market that are simple to use, baKblade 1.0 is one of them. The shaver provides wider coverage, and it allows for simple replacement of blades for long-lasting use. Furthermore, it has a replacement blade with great durability, and you can replace them by ordering refills. Furthermore, the blades use a teethed design that feels gentle on your skin while still managing to create better contact with the hair and shave it precisely. 

It has a long handle that allows you to have a comfortable reach on your back, and you will not overstretch. Our shaver is made from durable plastic material that is sturdy to give you years of use without breaking, even when dropped. In addition, the blade assembly is 4-inches wide, giving you maximum coverage to save shaving time. 


1. MANGROOMER – Professional Back Shaver 

MANGROOMER – Professional Back Shaver Get it now on Amazon.com

Our back shaver has a handle that extends and locks at the length you choose by engaging the lock button on the handle. It is equipped with a rechargeable battery that operates at optimum power to give you good shaving results and save you more time. The shaver has a non-slip grip handle and body that offers maximum comfort and control. 

The battery is designed to operate for up to 3 hours without shutting down. Other than that, the handle that measures over 2ft in length when it is fully extended to help you reach all areas with ease. It has a premium blade design that gives you smooth shave results, and it is wide enough to give maximum coverage and fewer strokes. 


Factors to Consider when Choosing a Back Shaver

Choosing a back shaver is not that easy because there are many models in the market. You can find a shaver, but to get a quality one, you need to do some research. In our guide below, we have some of the important tips you should consider before buying a back shaver. 


This is an essential consideration you should not overlook when choosing a back shaver. If you want to have a clean, smooth, and safe shave, you should loom at this factor. The shavers with a wide blade give you ultimate hair shaving in a single go, helping you save time. Furthermore, the blades should be replaced regularly in case they get blurred or if they have rusted. Well cleaned blades will keep you healthy and shave without scratching your skin. 

Handle & Design 

The design your device has plays an important role in working efficiency. Always go for a shaver built with a lightweight and slim design that will allow you to carry it anywhere and store it without taking much space. Furthermore, it should have a flexible head that will give easy access to your back contours. You still have to consider the length of the handle. The more adjustable and longer the handle is, the easier it will be to reach all parts of your back. 


Back shavers are powered manually, using batteries or a power cord. If you are looking for flexibility, you can buy the shavers that are operated by batteries so that you can use them anywhere you want to go. The ones powered by a power cord are great for those with coarse, thick, and dense hair. In addition, the manual ones are great for those who like keeping things simple and want something just for saving. They are cost-effective and simple to use. 

Bottom Line

Finally, we have concluded reviewing the best back shavers that will give you a safe and effective way to shave your back. Our shavers are lightweight and slim, making them suitable for both indoors and outdoors. We have made the top picks that will give you the best operation. Therefore, we hope you have found your perfect pick. 


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